Microsoft Windows Follow Funds Free App

We've released an app to the Microsoft store! It's called Follow Funds and it's free. What is it and why should you download it? Skip to the answer?

A little back story first.....

A few years back when we got married we logged every single expense down to coffee. It was quite tedious and annoying doing it through Excel and so we stopped after one year. It was useful though as it told us exactly what we spent, although it was hard to see exactly where it was spent and how much was spent on a specific item like coffee for example. This never left our brains though.....and there was always the thought that if we like to track our expenses and income, in order to budget, then maybe there are others out there that do too?

Recently I got the motivation to start work on a new app to help us do this more easily but what platform and code would I choose to use? Obviously making an app that could work on iPhones and android phones would be the preferred way since windows phone has stopped development recently. Unfortunately I've no experience building apps for those platforms so what was I left with? C# and Windows 10. This means making an app for the Microsoft store.

So...what is Follow Funds and why should you download it?

Follow Funds is a free app that lets you input your own bills, expenses and income. You can categorize them so that you can easily get summaries of items like coffee for example. Anyone getting the hint that I like coffee? 😛 There are also a number of other great features and settings to help you personalize it for you own experience.

  • Bill Tracking
  • Expense Tracking
  • Income Tracking
  • Summary of weekly, monthly and yearly amounts
  • Attach a picture or pdf of your bill/expense/income
  • Live Tile showing your next due bill
  • Mark a bill as paid
  • Choose Sunday or Monday as start of your week
  • Choose your preferred currency
  • Choose your type of year (calendar/financial)
  • Choose your preferred date format.
  • Choose your preferred data location (enables you to sync through OneDrive/Dropbox etc)

Why not download it and give it a try? I think you'll find it a great tool to help you follow your funds! I will also be continuously improving it over time and including even more features so it's definitely worth downloading.

Do you have suggestions for improvements or features for the app? Post a comment below or leave a review in the Microsoft store.

- John

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